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go shawty, it’s yo’ birt-day… September 7, 2009

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okay, so I’m a couple of days late, but I’ve only just now gained the self-control to acknowledge Sylvie’s birthday without breaking down into tears. So please forgive my tardiness. 🙂

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYLVIE!!! The bug reached the ripe old age of two this past Wednesday, prompting me to reflect a bit on the past year. And while it’s had its share of anxiety and uncertainty, the good times far outweigh the bad. And now as we enter a new stage in Sylvie’s young life, I’m bolstered by all the progress she’s already made in such a short time, and so excited to see what this coming year holds in store… hang on to your hats, folks, because I have a feeling Sylvie-bug’s going to knock it out of the park this year!

Back to updates, in the meanwhile… Sylvie continues to respond so well to her therapy, and continues to add more “stuff” to her bag of tricks. Most recently, she’s begun to point voluntarily and is getting better at making choices. We’ve also been using a 3-2-1 board to help her with transitions, as suggested by her therapists, and that’s also been really helpful. She’s also counting to ten now… oh, and how can I forget-  she heard Caitlin (one of her therapists) say “awww, man!” one day, and she’s been repeating it ever since… it’s hysterical!  The EEG and MRI we had done both came back normal, which is great news.  Even better news is the fact that we probably won’t have to have those procedures done again for a loooong time. Woo hoo!  We’re also about to change Sylvie’s therapy schedule a bit… beginning next week, she’ll be attending her practice pre-school/clinic two mornings each week.   She’s gone twice already, and she’s doing amazingly well… in fact, the therapists told me on the first day that hers was the best first day they’d seen in a looong time (insert beaming mom’s face here).   She’ll also be working with another new therapist from Milestones (who happened to graduate from Stonehill, so you KNOW she’s good!), so I’m looking forward to getting everyone acclimated to this new schedule for the year.

And the very best thing? She’s started to say “ioouuooo”.  For those of you not fluent in Sylvese, that means “I love you”.  My life is now complete.  🙂