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Spring has sprung! March 27, 2010

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at least for a few days… Mother Nature has been teasing us with 60-70 degree weather for a few days, and the whole family’s been giddily running in circles around the yard. Sylvie in particular is OBSESSED with being outside. In fact, nothing can trigger an instantaneous meltdown quite like the announcement that it’s time to go inside.  Actually, now that I think about it, quite a few things can trigger an instantaneous meltdown these days. Sigh. Sylvie officially received her invite to the “terrible twos” throwdown (albeit it a few months late) and has released her wrath on us in ways I never imagined.  Her tantrums were particularly bad a week or so ago, when she’d turn into a wild animal for no reason at all, raging for up to an hour at a time. And the force of her tantrums- MAN! I mean, Amelia’s a tough kid, but Amelia’s tantrums were like pony rides and ice cream compared to Sylvie’s. Thankfully, those scary tantrums are happening much less frequently, and I’ve received a lot of good tips and advice from her therapists as to how to handle them, so I’m not feeling quite as unnerved and overwhelmed by them as I was. Not gonna lie, though- I’m not looking forward to the next one!

In other news, we have officially begun the IEP/Transition to School process- we met the special ed preschool coordinator for Arlington schools today… really nice guy, with lots of great information. We’ll be starting with the evaluation process in the coming weeks (OT, speech, PT, and a psychological eval- ikes!) In the meanwhile, though, I’m very optimistic that Sylvie will find a great home in the Arlington system come September. Guess time will tell!

And in a slight twist to the usual routine, Matt will be heading down to the Cape with Sylvie tomorrow, leaving me and Amelia to share in some crazy mom-daughter quality time. Can’t wait. 🙂


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