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Family Vacation = success! May 4, 2010

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I can now breathe a sigh of relief and say, with absolutely no worry of karma coming back to bite me in the butt, that our Florida trip was an unequivocal success! Lovely weather six of the seven days, grandparents who were just the right amount of involved (and provided ample hours of free babysitting!) and a few kid-free afternoons by the hot tub made for a vacation the likes of which I didn’t think would be possible.  It was also a good chance to see how Sylvie would handle a stretch of unstructured, therapy-free days, and I’ll admit- I was a little nervous. But she was amazing! Except for a little craying jag on the descent of our first flight (we had connections both ways), she was happy as could be on the planes.  She showed lotsa love to Yiayia and Pappou, and she even warmed up to the pool and the beach after a chilly first impression.  It was so great to get away for a while, and even greater to see how well Sylvie managed “in the wild” (as I referred to it). She really did better than I ever imagined, which eases my worry with regard to the summer a LOT. I’ve been pretty stressed with how uncertain the coming months look, but I’m realizing that she’s not nearly as dependent on the XX hours of therapy as I originally thought. Sure, she needs therapy. There’s no debating that. But I’m realizing that her therapists have passed on to me more knowledge than I realized, and it’s pretty easy for me to turn anything into a learning/growth opportunity for her… at Lion Country Safari, I pointed out animals in the distance to help her work on following my gaze. We asked her what colors the birds were at the zoo, and she happily told us. We dug holes in the beach sand for her to shake her rum in… sensory break, anyone? I’m quickly realizing that learning for Sylvie doesn’t just happen at the dining room table. It can happen anywhere, and I’m excited to see what she’s capable of this summer. 🙂

All this being said, I’m still a little bummed she lost the hours she lost. We also had to say good bye to two of her therapists, which bummed us out as well. But her new schedule is shaping up pretty nicely. She now has therapy Monday-Thursday mornings, as well as Monday afternoons. Her Saturday speech session will also likely move to a week-day afternoon slot.  A little lighter than before, but then again, it’s summer, and everyone slacks a bit in the summer, right? 😉


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