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Big Sisters Rule May 16, 2010

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Amelia was invited to a friend’s birthday party yesterday, and because Matt was out of town, I had to bring Sylvie along… among the many kiddy  amusements was a big ol’ bouncy house. (Side note- seriously, does life get any better than a bouncy house when you’re a kid?) At one point, the house was jammed with all the party goers, including Sylvie. Amelia suddenly stopped her bouncing, and said quite loudly, “EXCUSE ME, EVERYONE! I need your attention! EXCUSE ME! You need to listen to me!” This went on for about 30 seconds at which point I convinced her that despite everyone’s continued jumping, they could, in fact, hear her. (All of Arlington could hear her, quite frankly.) She continued: “Everybody, my baby sister Sylvie is in the bouncy castle, and you all need to be really careful around her, okay?”

I sat there, stunned, with tears welling up in my eyes. Now, I know Amelia loves Sylvie to the moon and back, but I’d never seen such a proud, brash display of sisterly protectiveness before.  We’ve been explaining a lot more of Sylvie’s “stuff” to Amelia lately, and it’s like she’s really getting it. At 4 years old. That kid rocks my world time and time again.

And it should go without saying that Sylvie had a ball:

And another picture that made me laugh from that day:

Apparently, my never-ending quest to capture a picture of the two girls looking at the camera at the same time has been hit with yet another obstacle- Sylvie’s new found jumping abilities. The kid can’t keep her feet on the ground to save her life these days!


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